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Factors to Consider When Shopping for an RC Boat

rc boat on water

Getting a new RC boat marks the beginning of lots of fun – especially if you get the best. With the variety of RC boat brands and manufacturers on the market, choosing the best boat is never easy. There are many factors to consider. For instance, you need to evaluate your skill level before you start looking at other technical aspects of these boats. So exactly what does one look at when choosing an RC boat? Here are some essential elements worth looking at.


playing with an rc boatWhen looking at the handling, the most important thing to look at is the ease of handling. For a beginner, the boat should have simple controls that make the boat easy to handle. It’s easy to be carried away by some complex features or the speed of a boat, but it is equally important to bite what you can chew, especially when it comes to matters of handling. Ideally, when evaluating the ease of handling in different situations, always look at things like the number of buttons on the controller, the speed, and the type of hull.


As much as this affects the handling, it is necessary to evaluate the speed of the boat itself. Since high speeds often make the boat tough to handle, this does not mean that slow boats are the best. Slow boats are perfect for beginners, but for an advanced rider, higher speeds offer more fun and excitement. For starters, you can start with models with low speeds and try out those with higher speeds as you get better.

Fuel Type

Electric or gas? Each fuel type has its unique pros and cons as far as RC boats are concerned. It is believed that the best RC boat models are electric. Electric RC boats tend to be cheaper than gas-powered varieties and are also less expensive to maintain. Gas-powered models are slightly advanced and are a perfect fit for seasoned drivers.

kids rc boatAssembly

Some boats should be assembled before use. On the other hand, some RC boats are labeled RTR. What this essentially means is that they are ‘ready to run’ and you do not have to worry about assembling things like the propeller or the motor. Some RTR models have a pre-installed battery while others don’t.

These guide should help you make an informed choice when shopping for an rc boat for sale. The variety of RC boats is vast. It is therefore up to you to pick the best option based on your preferences.