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Beginner’s Guide To Castle Clash

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Castle clash will appear on top of the list of most popular mobile games worldwide. It boasts more than 10 million players who seem to be enjoying it and more keep on enrolling. It is easy to download the app on your phone and keep playing courtesy of the developers. For every starter, the effort is evident; you are striving to reach level 25 which never seems to come.

With the numerous features and activities that keep you glued giving up is not an option even though the progress is almost zero. If only the players knew about LAG – Castle Clash Hack, then seeing level 25 would be easy. So, in this article, let’s highlight some of the features players interact with.

Features of castle clash mobile game

The Buildings

The most popular building to any player is the town hall. Leveling up this building opens up an excellent opportunity to numerous other upper houses that include the arena. The arena is used by the aggressive players who are after heroism. One will be able to play battles and earn badges of honor. If your mission is to attack, the army camp will also be available to hire some troops or do some martial art training.

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The troops

The troops are found in tiers with tier 1 providing troops for performing just normal ground errands. However, the three troops available can perform quite some attacks due to their qualities. There are the magic troop or pyromancer, hunter, and the guardian. More troops in upper tiers offer various services that are more destructive making very great features. Tier 3 troops are interesting to interact with due to their capabilities and fun in using.

The battle feature

It will give players various options like dungeon and raids. Notably, raids are the most common battle. Various players will try to attack others bases and destroy them or steal their resources. Weak players who do not know the survival tactics will have their resources gone or their base destroyed which is a great blow. For players obsessed with honor badges, then they will have to use the challenge a boss option. The guild challenges the boss within 30 minutes after activation.


For beginners who are not familiar with the game, this is just a tip of an iceberg. Numerous feature detailed in different levels gives many more options to find the game fun. Taking time to learn how to survive from attack is good. Most people, however, prefer to hack their way up with various hacks, tricks and cheats like ones provided by lazy ass gamer.