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Quality Load Cell And Scale Solutions


The weighing system in business is a vital integral part of business processes and has a significant impact upon the quality assurance on the batches of loads weighed. The retail, industrial and commercial businesses have customized measuring and weighing needs that need to be met through complex and accurate weighing systems.

Industrial weighing systems

weighing systemsPopular industrial weighing systems use force measurement devices that use strain gauge load cells, hydraulic load cells, pneumatic load cells, capacitive load cells as well as piezoelectric load cells. Hence weighing systems utilize load cells applied individually or collectively in consideration of the weighing application requirements. In achieving the suitable configuration, the load cells and weighing scale solutions have to factor in the characteristics of the load especially its size and geometry. Therefore, when acquiring quality load cells and scale solutions, it is best that one considers the following;


The accuracy of the weighing systems is influenced by many factors such as the accuracy of the load cell, load factors, signal interference as well as environmental factors. Therefore, the collective accuracy of load cells and weighing scales has to put into consideration the hysteresis which is the difference in output readings obtained from output readings following the considerable decrease in the load applied from the maximum rated capacity to the minimum rated capacity or no-load.


The ability of load cells and weighing scales to produce weight readings with minimum deviation when the same load is applied repeatedly under similar loading conditions guarantees the high accuracy of the weighing systems.


The consistency in which the output curve deviates from the straight line of a load cell when the load is increased enhances the proper measurement of weights and is a consideration when choosing the quality of load cells and weighing scales.

Temperature effects

The load cells and weighing scales are commonly used under differing temperature conditions which may have an effect on the correct calibration of the weight. Temperature has a significant effect on the output of the load cell as these changes with temperature. Variations occurring are minimized by the ability of the load cells and scaling solutions to allow temperature compensation which impacts by reducing errors likely to be experienced.

Atmospheric pressure changes

weighing scalesThe quality of load cells and weighing scales must put into consideration the variance of the output of the load cell when no load is applied such that the correct measurement of loads is guaranteed. The adaptability to maintain stable calibrations despite atmospheric pressure changes guarantees the quality of the load cells.
Importantly, when considering the quality of load cells and weighing scales, it is prudent to check the different designs, and types as the accuracy of the weighing system are mostly dependent on the characteristics of the load cell or weighing scale used.