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What To Know About School Asset Management Software

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Have you ever had an interest in knowing how your school can transform to a more flexible, efficient and organized when planning, controlling, monitoring and evaluation of asset? Are you currently confused on choosing the best school asset manager that will serve your school appropriately? Then no need to have a concern because we are going to discuss the FAQs about school management software, and how we can make better management decisions. The major factors that have contributed to the adoption of asset management within schools are that it helps to reduce the operational costs as well as it ensures that the overall performance of these assets is improved.

FAQs about school management software.

What is it?

A school asset management software is a program that includes procedures, coordination, information, and tools that help in the administration of the property through their entire lifetime. This is beneficial because the educational institutions such as schools and colleges are often provided with government grants that they are supposed to manage effectively. This can only be successfully run by an asset management software that keeps track of both consumables and capitalized assets.


How does the software work?

The asset management software is a combination of QR code scanning tags that is integrated into a mobile application, and some other asset software is network based that are hosted online for all reporting tasks. The software enables schools to better keep track of fixed, mobile, hard and soft assets. These may range from Networks, ICT infrastructure, Premises, Finances, Vehicles, and other sorts of resources.

What does the software do?

The asset management is essential for the maintenance of the complete list of property from furniture to IT assets and even vehicles and keeps their status updates. It is also helpful in the facilitation of asset movement and workflow and also in the scheduling of core assets. It will also help for accountability of property and assets assigned to different school departments. Finally, it keeps track records of maintenance schedules of capital equipment.

What are the Other essential features?
  • Follows who, what, and where is the asset
  • Keep an up to date equipment history, description, serial number, cost, and condition of the asset
  • Keeps an up to date inventory of property location and program
  • It supports disposal of assets requirement during project closeout
  • It also supports in auditing requests
  • It also supports records required by insurance providers.two different locations

Answering to all these questions is enough information to assist anyone in making a decision on whether to incorporate this software in their institutions or not. It is also advisable to involve a professional consultant for more advice.