Factors To Consider When Buying A Laptop

Woman working from her laptop

When it comes to buying of an important machine like a laptop, you need to take the necessary precautions so that you do not end up buying a machine that you will end up regretting at a later date. The fact that there are a million brands to chose from makes a challenging task to buy the best brand. However, armed with the right information, you can always be sure that you will be in better position to make the right choice. This article provides you with important factors that you should always consider before you buy a laptop.

The use

The useBefore you buy a laptop, one of the most important considerations that you need to make is the use of the laptop. What do you intend to use the laptop for? Are you going to use it for music production?Playing video game or just for browsing? Knowing the use that you intend to use your laptop for is very important as it will help you find a laptop that can help you achieve your objectives. Not all laptop has the ability to run some types of software, and this is why you need to consider the use.

The brand

You also need to consider the brand of the laptop. Some brands are just not the right ones for you because of several factors including durability and the functionality of the laptop. It is always advisable that you choose a brand that has a good reputation and the one that has already established itself in the market. With such brands, you can always look at those who already bought them and get to know what people think about laptops from the brand.


The RAM of the laptop is another important factor that you also need to consider. The RAM plays a significant role when it comes to the functionality of the computer, and you definitely do need a situation where it will take a century for your laptop to process a single task. That will be a waste of time and your money as well. A good laptop should have a larger RAM. Remember that the larger the RAM, the more the tasks the laptop can perform at the same time.

Hardware ports

Hardware portsYou also need to ensure that your laptop has the right number of ports. This is important because it makes the using of the laptop more efficient. Additional ports can be very necessary if you intend to use the laptop while connected to multiple peripherals.

Top 5 Gaming Laptops Under $500


All those quality gaming laptops seem to be expensive, but it is not always a rule. You can get an affordable laptop that has many great functions provided you invest in one of The best budget gaming laptops of 2016. A little bit more searching is needed when you have a budget under $500. In any case, there are many good options on the market, and we represent you a list of top 5 gaming laptops under 500. Take a look!

1. HP 15-ay011nrasdasexdfvszfvd

The main advantage of this 15.6-inch laptop is the Intel processor that offers the latest technology. This powerful processor answers all questions that gamers have. Fast response and reliable functions are there. All you have to do is enjoying the games to the fullest. Storage space is another advantage. There is 1TB inside this HP laptop, which is quite enough for all demanding gamers.

2. Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241

A very powerful combination of characteristics is what Toshiba offers. It is all perfectly designed for an outstanding experience. You get 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i5-5200U processor in the same package. This is a great combination for gamers who like functionality and speed at the same time. We know that Toshiba has a long tradition of making this kind of well-combined laptops.

3. Dell Inspiron 13 i7347-50sLV

Do you want a tablet and a laptop in one device? You get it with this 13-inch Dell device. Versatile usage is possible with this laptop, but that is not the best thing. Another function is strong Intel Core i3 processor that is very close to the AMD processors. Its characteristics are ideal for heavy games where a processor has to work a lot. With this device, Dell offers multifunction and strength to provide complete fun.

adasdsDfcSdfWADe4. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-571-33BV

This is the cheapest laptop on the list, and you can get it for under $400 on the market. The lower price does not mean lower quality. In this case, you get a 15.6-inch device that is suitable for all kind of games. It brings the fourth generation of Intel Core i3 processor, which is an additional advantage. Consider this laptop if you want to save money.

5. Lenovo G70 80HW009JUS

If you want a huge screen while playing a favorite game, go for this Lenovo laptop. Its 17.3-inch screen is big enough to provide an exceptional experience. At the same time, graphics can take any game to the next level. All these characteristics put this Lenovo laptop among the top 5 gaming laptops under 500. It could be perfect for all of those who like big screens and affordable price.