Connectors that everyone should know

Technology is often viewed as complex by those that lack the interest to understand it’s inner workings. But like any other field, there are those things that everyone needs to know and identify. In this article, we look at some of the connectors used on technology, that every person should be aware.

Must know connectors


The USB is perhaps the most recognized one as it is used to power almost everything this day. There exists a lot of USB types, but the two most important ones are the full-size USB and Micro USB. Micro USM is the one that goes into Android phones for charging or data
transfer to and from the onboard memory.


The VGA cable can be easily identified as the wire that transfers video signals from Desktops to screens. The acronym stands for Video Graphics Adapter, which explains what it’s purpose is. It is important to know this connector as many manufacturers are adopting it as the way to send video signals across devices. For instance, most TV’s include a port that supports VGA, making it easier to use your TV as a computer screen.


The HDMI connector is the successor of the VGA cable. Don’t get us wrong; the VGA is pretty much very relevant. HDMI offers more feature. Unlike the VGA, HDMI provides the option to transmit both sound and video via a single cable. Many manufacturers have adopted this connector. In the most recent laptops, you will find an HDMI port, making it easy to stream content to your TV or bigger monitors with less effort.

Coaxial cable

This is an interesting one.lamlcmaslcmlasmcamclmclacascascasc Usually use to connect cable TV or receive digital signals from broadcasts emanating from terrestrial satellites. The connector is also used in physics labs to study waveforms especially using the cathode ray tube. The cable is preferred as it includes a locking mechanism that works by screwing to the female part. This makes it safer as it was difficult to remove it and interfere with the signal being transmitted.