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Begginer’s Guide To 3D Visualization


For those people who are interested in computer imagery, there are a lot of things to know on how to master this skill. Imaging technology continuous to progress especially in computer graphics, it is widely used in animation, advertisement, movies and special events. At present, there is 3D computer design software available in the market, that gives additional information in enhancing skills in 3D visualization. Any Architectural Visualization Company can also embrace this advanced technology to advance its results. 3D visualization is also used by animators, film and video editors, and individuals who have passion in post video production. Choosing the right software will help you to make your work faster and easier.

Ways to help you create best 3D images

Photoshop Layer Management

First and most important is to set up a Photoshop file for later use. As your file starts to get big and wider, this will make your life easy. You must put enough emphasis in layering materials for your photoshop. Building up of photoshop files is crucial in managing your layers in Photoshop. This may not be effective for some but this will make your workflow easier and will give you better illustration result in the end. Regrouping of files is important


The landscape is the most tricky part in 3D visualization, more hours of practice is needed to set the image right perfectly. Proper techniques are needed to end up in good imaging result. In almost every illustration and imagery there is people image added. Decent selection of light and people shadow is crucial to make it look alive and realistic.


Once you are done with the fundamentals next one to prioritize is the atmosphere. Color Overlay is applied in setting the mood of the image. There are some tutorials that you can find in applying the right color for your 3D graphics. Sometimes all you need is to adjust the contrast level to achieve the perfect color.

3D Rendering

Next step is to know the rendering basics. Best software to use is V-Ray though it is quite expensive it works perfectly well in conditioning the proper lighting that you need in your 3D image graphic.

3D Rendering


There are times when you are not satisfied with the result of your graphic images. You can apply some techniques to get the result that you like. PS Ambient Occlusion is what you apply in putting some shadows in corners. PS Window light is what you use in applying night scenes, or for a faster result, you can just paint in light in your photoshop.