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Surfing the web safely

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The advent of the twenty-first century saw us adopt the use of the internet almost on a subliminal level. With it came a lot of benefits, ranging from sending a simple message to distribution f large data files. Unfortunately, is also introduced some challenges which can all be summarized as information insecurity. The information sent over the internet, sensitive or not, is prone to be compromised. Luckily the minds that made this great resource provided some solutions to ensure safe web-surfing. In this article, we look at some ways to safely surf the web.

Browsing the internet safely

Watch out for httpssafely

HTTPS is the secure version of the infamous HTTP web protocol. By installing SSL on their server, website owners can ensure that the data transmitted to their server and end user is encrypted, making it harder for the third party to get it, even if the information is compromised, understanding it is almost impossible. Before you submit sensitive information to any website, it is better to check the address bar for https. If not, you better contact the sites admin and request for the service.

Update your browser

Browser vendors often release updates for their browsers to fix bugs and vulnerability. It is advisable to install this updates immediately they are released. What malicious people do is that they study what the updates fix then use the vulnerability to exploit those users using older browsers. Updating the browser also ensures that you get better improvements that the vendors have introduced. The best way to deal with this is to set your browser to auto-update so that you don’t have to worry about the process.

Use internet security software

Many computer security companies have taken note of the dangers the internet introduces, that is why they have created numerous software utilities to help with the problem. Installing one of the popular internet security programs such as Norton or Kaspersky will ensure that your surfing session is secured with the utmost security.


A firewall is any software or hardwarFirewalle utility that prevents unauthorized connections to your computer. With a good firewall, hackers, and other unwanted entities will not be able to access your computer via compromising your internet connection. Most operating systems, in fact, all of them, come with a firewall installed. Making sure that the firewall is always on in advanced as you might never know who is at the other end if an internet connection when you are surfing the internet.